Athletics at AV Startbaan

AV Startbaan offers a wide range of athletics at different levels: recreational, competition-oriented and for disabled people.

All-round athletics 4 to 15 years We train all different athletics components. You can participate from the age of 4.

All-round athletics from 16 years old Do all athletics activities (running, jumping and throwing) in a recreational or performance-oriented way? Which can! View our training times and choose a training group of your choice. Follow a trial training? Mail to .

Specialization in athletics from 16 years old There are several groups that focus on specific components, such as sprint, hurdling, discus, shot put, javelin, medium distance or all-around. It is customary to start in the all-round training group and then move on to the specialization groups. The trainers of the all-round group are happy to tell you more about the possibilities. Want to start directly in the specialization groups? Please contact

Adult Running Want to start running? Or have you been running for some time, but want the benefits of training under the guidance of professional trainers? AV Startbaan offers various options and you can participate at any level. Running on the athletics track is possible at our General Group. Follow a trial training? Mail to

If you prefer the forest or the road, then the Long Distance Group (LAG) is the ideal choice. Look in the overview of training times for the days and times when training takes place. Request a trial training? Mail to or see the page Long Distance Group.

We regularly offer special packages for novice or advanced runners in the run-up to competitions and events. Would you like to make use of such an arrangement? Please contact us.

Walking in a club Walking is healthy. It is considered a pleasant way to move. It is safe and does not require any special equipment or a gym. The chance of injuries when walking is minimal. Everyone can determine the pace themselves and make it their own training. Nevertheless, walking in a club is of course much nicer than on your own. For more information, visit the page 'Walking'.

Framerunning For children, young people or adults with a physical disability, who use a walker, wheelchair or other aid for their mobility in daily life, AV Startbaan offers Framerunning. A FrameRunner is a kind of tricycle without pedals, but with a chest support. Participants can use this to move around by walking or running. For more information, please visit the page  'Framerunning'.